VideoLAN accepted for Google Code In

sam. 06 novembre 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Google just released the list of organizations that will participate to the Google Code In contest and VideoLAN is part of it!

Google Code In

I guess most people knows about the Google Summer of Code contest that Google runs every summer. For the one who don't know, every summer, Google select some students (above 18 years old) and pay them to work on Open Source Projects like VLC media player, VLMC or libx264.

The goal of the Google Code In is really different as it target only people from 13 to 17 year old. Moreover the goal is not only to produce lines of code but covers a lot of subjects like:

  • Code: writing or refactoring some part of the code base
  • Documentation: a lot of work is need to create a good documentation
  • Translation: helping the team of translators
  • And many more ...

You can find some more information on the Google Code In announce.


VideoLAN has been selected to participate to the Google Code In. Some ideas for the tasks are already available on the VideoLAN wiki with the corresponding mentor.