VLC media player extension for LibriVox

lun. 13 septembre 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Thanks to VLC extensions, we recently created a script that fetch books from LibriVox. This website is a directory and a project that provide free audio books from the Public Domain like Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) or War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy).


LibriVox is a website in which you can find and download free audio books. These audio books are all available in the public domain, which means that most of the books were published before 1923. The audio books are also donated to the public domain.

These audio books are read and recorded by volunteers from all over the world. If you wish to participate, just go to http://librivox.org and follow the instructions to participates.


The full catalog of LibriVox is available on the website. Actually 3238 audio books are available:

VLC extension

As we really like the idea of free audio books from the public domain, we wrote an extension that allows VLC users to hear LibriVox audio books directly inside VLC media player.

This extension grab the podcast file from the LibriVox website and extract a list of books. When opening the extension we can see:


A directory is created for each book and contains the associated chapters. When double-clicking on a book you will see the tracks for the corresponding chapters:


Getting the extension

For the moment, the extension is not distributed along with VLC. You can download the extension from the Git repository (librivox.lua) and put the file in the share/lua/sd directory.