Free music and VLC

mer. 18 août 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Actually more and more artists are following the Open Source movement and create really nice content (both audio and video). Since the latest release of VLC media player (1.1.0), thanks to VLC extensions, we added the ability to access selections of Free Music directly from the playlist. Let's have a look at these contents.

Free music inside VLC

In the last release of VLC media player, we introduced the ability to browse some selections of free music. The following screenshot shows VLC playing a selection of the 20 most popular albums on jamendo

Free music inside VLC: The postem

Actually in the VLC playlist you can access to:

These selections can be found in the playlist selector under the Internet item, under:

  • Free music charts: 100 most famous free song (25 per month)
  • Jamendo Selection:
    • Top 100 most popular songs of the week on jamendo
    • Top 20 most popular albums of the week on jamendo

This way you can listen to some selections of free music and discover new artists and groups that you might have not ear about before.

What's Free music

A song can be classified as Free music if the artist choose to distribute the song under a license that let some rights to the listener. For example, your are never allowed to redistribute Non-Free Music whereas a big part of the Free Music can be redistributed.

The big different between Free Music and the others is the ability for the artist to give more right to the listener. The artists can choose the rights to give to the listener when choosing the license for their work.

Creative Commons

The Creative Commons is a good choice for Free Music as this given the choice for the rights to give to the users of the music:

  • Right (or not) to redistribute their work for commercial usage
  • Right (or not) to modify their work

I will soon write an article about the Creative Commons, but you can first have a look here.


Jamendo is one of the first (maybe the first) website to promote and help artist to distribute their work. Every content you can get on Jamendo is free and can be downloaded legally. This is a great opportunity to discover new artists and groups.

Moreover as VLC can now give you a selection of some songs and albums, you don't have any more excuse not to try it...