Multicat now part of Debian

dim. 31 octobre 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

In another post, I told you about a nice tool called Multicat.

Due to the the Freeze of Debian, Multicat was waiting in the NEW queue. This state changed yesterday has the ftp-masters uploaded the package to the unstable version of Debian.

If you run a Debian unstable you can …

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Google Summer of Code: Mentor Summit

jeu. 21 octobre 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Google Mentor Summit

A quick note to announce that we will be at the Google Mentor Summit in California this week-end. This meeting is organized by Google to close the Google Summer of Code and to meet developers from different Free Softwares projects.

Two developers from the VideoLAN project and …

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Compiling VLC for linux people

ven. 01 octobre 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Compiling VLC media player on Linux is now something really easy. This article is a small tutorial for every people wondering about it.

VLC versions

First, you have to choose which version of VLC you would like to compile as at least two versions can be useful to compile

  • unstable …
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VLC media player extension for LibriVox

lun. 13 septembre 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Thanks to VLC extensions, we recently created a script that fetch books from LibriVox. This website is a directory and a project that provide free audio books from the Public Domain like Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) or War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy).


LibriVox is a website in which you can …

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jeu. 02 septembre 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Multicat is an equivalent of the famous netcat but designed with streaming and especially RTP in mind.

A short introduction

Multicat is an application that enables you to take any stream you want and re-stream it. This application takes one input and give one output. The overall diagram might be …

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Free music and VLC

mer. 18 août 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Actually more and more artists are following the Open Source movement and create really nice content (both audio and video). Since the latest release of VLC media player (1.1.0), thanks to VLC extensions, we added the ability to access selections of Free Music directly from the playlist. Let's …

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ZFS and shred

ven. 30 juillet 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

ZFS, a short overview

ZFS is a file system designed by Sun Microsystems. The file system is based on the Copy-on-Write (CoW) paradigm. When a file is modified, the blocks that must be changed are never modified in place. Instead the following operations are executed:

  • Copy the block
  • Change the …
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Saving memory for free

mer. 14 juillet 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Memory representation of a structure

When creating a structure you do not really care about the representation of this structure in memory. You expect the structure's size to be the sum of its components sizes. Unfortunately the size of a structure also depends on other parameters.

These parameters are mainly …

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Visualization in VLC

lun. 01 février 2010 by Rémi Duraffort

Last summer, I worked on VLC media player as part of the Google Summer of Code, One part of my job was to integrate libprojectM inside VLC media player.

libprojectM is a library that create visualization according to the samples it receive. As you can see the results are really …

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